How To Lose Weight In 7 Days: The Most Effective Ways

To lose weight quickly in a week, you need to increase physical activity, resort to special cosmetic procedures, revise your daily diet and, if necessary, limit it. These are the proven and most effective ways to shed a few extra pounds in a short period of time.

Of course, it is always better to plan weight loss in advance, it will be more useful and it will help maintain harmony for a much longer period of time. It is important to understand that rapid weight loss can negatively affect health, so it is better to consciously approach emergency weight loss. Often times, the fair sex asks a similar question before an upcoming important event where it is important to look attractive. With a minimal load on the body, it is quite possible to lose 5 kg in a week, the result, of course, depends on the exertion and initial weight.

Measurement of the waist when losing weight by 7 kg per week

Work out

Physical activity is the most important aid in finding the figure of your dreams. To lose weight in a short period of time, you need to give up strength training about a week before the crucial day, and remove other types of exercises in 2 days, leaving only aerobics.

It is recommended not to drink fluids during physical activity and for an hour afterwards. For rapid weight loss, it is better to give preference to fat burning cardio workouts (if there are no contraindications), as they will help get rid of more calories. You can also use special shorts or a slimming belt during exercise. Alternatively, you can use regular plastic wrap and wrap it around the most problematic areas.

Cosmetic and beauty treatments

To significantly improve the result, you should consult a masseur or beautician. Various massages for weight loss, body wraps, salt baths and other cosmetic procedures will help you lose weight and improve your figure in a short time. If finances are limited, you can try performing such procedures at home.

Nutritionists recommend using cosmetics that can make your figure look slimmer. For example, special modeling creams. However, you need to choose them carefully, since such cosmetics often contain harmful substances. Experts advise paying particular attention to the composition of the product when choosing and giving preference to products made from natural ingredients that do not contain preservatives, parabens and other substances that are harmful to the body.

Lose weight with fruits and vegetables

In summer, losing weight is easier in a short time than at other times of the year. Vegetables and fruits are more available than ever and the constant feeling of hunger caused by the heat disappears. The easiest and fastest way to lose weight is with a plant-based diet.

If results are important and taste is secondary, then you can try a cucumber-based diet alone. You can eat one and a half kilograms of cucumber (fresh), 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a small amount of herbs every day. You can not salt cucumbers, just drink drinks without sugar. The diet is suitable for those struggling with swelling associated with the use of salty and smoked foods.

Eat vegetables and lose 7 kg per week in the process

There are also a variety of other mono diets based on other vegetables. This is where you need to look at your tastes and characteristics of these products. For example, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini.

How can you lose weight and save money?

The most inexpensive diet is a grain-based diet. Buckwheat (perfectly dehydrated), white rice (quickly fills the stomach, makes you feel full), corn (contains fiber, cleanses the stomach), oats (improves metabolism and has a positive effect on the nervous system) - all these types of grain are inexpensive, have useful properties and contribute to weight loss. The main thing is to reduce the portions to a minimum.


Before trying to lose more than 5 kg in a week, it is important to know certain nuances:

  • in a week it is really possible to visually reduce the volume, but most of all it is the result of removing excess fluid, cleaning the intestines, reducing muscle mass and burning fat.
  • in order to obtain the result obtained, you do not have to put in any less effort than to achieve it.
  • in a short time it will not be possible to burn a lot of fat, for example, in seven days the average will reach only 500-1000 grams;
  • the pool and sauna help to visually beautify the figure and remove excess fluid.
  • It's much better to set less tight deadlines and eat right.

Rules for losing weight

Of course, if you are trying to lose weight in such a short time, then you should remember the basic rules for losing weight:

  1. Avoid sweet, starchy and fatty foods.
  2. Drink a lot, about two liters a day.
  3. Sleep 8-10 hours a day.
  4. Eat often (6 times a day) but in small portions.
  5. Forget about bad habits.

Only the combined use of all the methods of losing weight will allow you to achieve the desired result.