How to lose weight 10 kilos per month

Weight reduction is an important step on the way to obtain the health, the beauty. The current Situation in the world so it happened that the proportion of overweight people is growing rapidly. According to the world health organization of being overweight about 30% of the world population.

How to lose weight

With this Problem have to fight. According to the, obesity — the main reason for the development of many diseases, including Diabetes, problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, circulatory System. On the Internet you will find a large number of different diets, some of the headings. They all promise rapid weight reduction, and relief of 5, 7, 10 extra pounds in a short period of time. But how effective are they?

It is possible for a quick weight loss per week on 10 kg? How to the body fat in the problem zones? How to get all of this without harm for health? What do I need to do? Let us detail in this article.

How many kg per month, you can lose weight without harm for health?

One of the most important prerequisites for the lowering of the weight — calorie deficit. Every day one gets to of the human the energy from food. Part of it goes to the satisfaction of the natural needs of the organism, ensuring its vital activity. Everything that is not used, adjourned Reserve in the Reserve. Norma calories per day for each Person is individual. It takes into account age, height, weight, as well as the level of physical activity.

If in the body a detectable detectable lack of energy due to the normalization of supply, the introduction of physical activity, for the satisfaction of needs start needless inventory zones are used, the deposits in the problem. If properly organized diet burned the layer of fat, but not muscle mass will be.

On how many kg you can lose weight per month

Another important factor is the change of eating behavior. Often, people are "eat Stress", free yourself of negative emotions by favorite dishes, Desserts, fidgety, were furious — calmed down chocolate, hard work day — a hearty dinner, without limitation, to take any action.

Must work accurately in two directions. Many people come only for a cause, not paying attention to the other. It is important to have a specific mode, the Apache part of life, it is there forever. Otherwise, an eating disorder and bring the results to zero, lost weight again. Therefore, catching only obese or only emotional, we never achieve the desired result. The importance of a holistic approach.

You calculate for to game how much will really be able to lose weight, a children. For the combustion of one pound of body fat is necessary to have a deficit of 7000 kcal. It is enough to trim, the daily diet to 15-20%. To burn extra calories through physical activity, regular training sessions.

So 2-3 kg is accused of per month without damage to health, you need to slightly reduce the consumption of calories and train several times a week. This approach is considered optimal, causing Stress to the body. For the preparation of the detailed diet plan better, a specialist for the right diet. He is able to form the most suitable diet, favorite products, comprising, taking into account the individual characteristics, preferences, explains how to lose weight.

To ignore myths, fraud, and a lie

So far, on the Internet you will find a wealth of information on various diets, the power supply systems. There are special forums for like-minded people, where people recommend each other different "effective" methods. Thus, a large number of myths emerged. These include:

  1. The most common myth is that the meals should be regular, Fractional, up to five times a day. When the cold falls out on the night, is not worth conveyor belt, Hack. But it must not bite and the correct balanced diet.
  2. Equipment for the press, other problem areas, help to lose weight. Such simulators typically result in all of the work for the people. To burn calories is not happening. As a result — no deficit. You can improve in the plant, condition of the skin.
  3. There are special diet products, which make it possible to lose weight. To lose In the cases, most of a advertising for such dishes — Marketing course for the introduction of weight, is misleading.
  4. Fat can muscle in the. Muscle and fat mass have a very different chemical structure, does not always move from one Form to another.
  5. You can lose weight locally, get rid of certain problem areas. When losing weight, there is a General reduction in weight, an impact on all areas of the body.

To demystify, say the correct in the direction of a doctor of high qualification. He is able to develop a secure system, so you can not only reduce weight, but also improve the health, hair, nails, skin.

Whether really back 5, 7 or 10 kg in a month will be set?

Whether really back 5, 7 or 10 kg in a month

Obesity does not accumulate in a day. For the combustion of one kilogram of fat a deficit of 7000 calories needed, and Vice versa, for the sentence is in need of a surplus. Therefore, you should not claim a critical "want to lose weight 10 kg per week", "I want to. lose weight 20 kg in a month"Better to be patient and deliver a realistic goal.

5 kg losing weight in a month is quite possible. Enough the reduce calorie intake to 15-20%. The menu should be balanced, the body's need of proteins, fats, carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals.

How to lose weight in a week to 7 kg? To the restrictions in the diet, the Training add high intensity. You should 3-4 times per week, combine Cardio load, and performance. But not all can afford these. To come to the aid of long walks, Jogging, Home Training with own body weight, without the need for additional Hardware.

Lose weight in a month 10 kg is also possible. But it all depends on the original volume of excess weight. Need to work hard, changing your diet, adding physical activity. In addition, you should Beauty treatments, Massage, body wrap.

How much you need to eat to lose weight 10 kg in a month?

How fast 10 kg weight? There are many different techniques. Some of them are efficient, allow hateful pounds are accused of in the shortest possible time. Other — fidelity, the promise of a gradual weight reduction. The approaches differ according to the following criteria:

How much it must
  • Duration: weeks-diet for a month, several months;
  • by strict limitations. There are Mono-diets, the consumption of one or two products or full-fledged, well-balanced. To lose the second practically does not restrict by weight, based on the calculation of the calories;
  • incoming products: there are well-balanced diet, high-protein or carbohydrate;
  • a complex process that involves the work with proper diet and a correction of eating behavior.

Important your type of food that does not cause discomfort convenient, bring find. But it should be understood that the rapid weight loss can be dangerous to wear certain contraindications. To lose weight, you need to only under the supervision of a specialist for weight reduction, diagnosis, and weight control.

Lose weight quickly in a short period of time quite possible. But what are the consequences? Therefore, it is important to find a specialist, which monitors every Phase of the weight reduction, care for the condition of the health.

Menu for weight loss of 10 kg in a month

Proper nutrition — the first step on the path to a healthy, beautiful body. The diet should be balanced to ensure the needs of the organism in vitamins, minerals, nutrients.

Menu for the week depends on the daily intake of calories, the ratio of proteins, fat, carbohydrates. You can calculate the required values on the Online calculator or the following formulas:

Menu for weight loss
  1. You calculate basal metabolic rate — the amount of calories required for maintaining life activity:

    • For men: 10 x weight (kg) + 6,25 × size (cm) — 5 × age (G) + 5
    • For women: 10 x weight (kg) + 6,25 × size (cm) — 5 × age (D) — 161
  2. You multiply this value with the factor activity:

    • 1,2, — A Lack Of Exercise, Training;
    • 1,3 — lifestyle with low activity, Training two to three times per week of medium intensity;
    • 1,5 — heavy style, exercise up to five times per week, quite active in the work;
    • 1,7 — active lifestyle, daily exercise, active work;
    • 1,9 — intense daily Training, physical work.
  3. The resulting value of the Norm of the calories to maintain current weight. Of 15-20%, the required standard for weight loss is.
  4. For a healthy weight reduction you follow the correct ratios of protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Based on these values, it is possible to form the menu. Let's consider an example for a balanced diet for a day.

  • Omelet of two or three egg whites;
  • Porridge on the water — 50-70g;
  • each fruit;
  • Cup of coffee with milk low in fat.
  • a small piece of baked white fish — 70g;
  • a small portion of vegetable salad with the addition of wine vinegar;
  • portion of rice to 50g.
  • serving supperior reliability — 250g;
  • season the supperior reliability with a spoonful of Greek yogurt instead of sour cream;
  • portion of vegetable salad;
  • Slice of rye bread, 20-30g.
Afternoon snack
  • Chicken breast in a Marinade of soy Sauce, baked in the oven;
  • Side dish of mushrooms — 60g;
  • Buckwheat 50g;
  • Apple.
  • low-fat cottage cheese — 70g;
  • Fruit — 120 G.

The menu is provides the body with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and the calorie content of such a performance is quite small: 1034 kcal, protein — 82 G fat — 21 G, carbs — 141 G.

Portions and to make recommendations for possible nutrition

Urgently to lose weight in a short period of time you can rules, observing the following reason. You will be based from qualified nutritionists on long-term experience of serious medical practice. These include:

Portions and recommendations
  1. The increase in the amount of Protein in the diet. Studies have shown that Protein foods ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety. As a result, the number of calories consumed per day reduced. It is recommended in the daily diet, chicken eggs, chicken, Turkey, seafood, milk products, fresh cheese.
  2. The increase in the number of Can, fruit. Fiber contained In them promotes the excretion of waste products, toxins, the cleansing of the organism.
  3. Better to give preference to the untreated food, without oil, the addition of cooked or with minimal.
  4. You must strictly follow the rules of drinking water per day.
  5. Reduce the portions, but they increase dinner the number of doses per day: 3 main meals, lunch, afternoon snack,.
  6. You need an electronic balance, to weigh each meal.
  7. The menu for the day should be in advance the number of calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates calculate.

To lose the adherence to these simple rules, the allow add of physical activity, a woman's weight at 5, 10, 20 kg at home.

Supplements, the helpful for weight loss

The taking of dietary supplements for weight loss or not — the specialist for weight loss. Assign alone is not recommended, because an incorrect choice of drug, the dosage can lead to health problems.


Diet, with the right choice, may significantly decrease to make it easier to speed up the process of weight. Such drugs have the following advantages of the use of the insert:

  • Activation of metabolism, acceleration of the metabolism;
  • The improvement of peristaltic transport of faecal matter through the intestines;
  • Cleansing the body of toxins;
  • the liberation of the dehydration, the normalization of the water balance;
  • the supply of the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients;
  • the normalization of the cholesterol, glucose in the blood;
  • the stabilization of the hormone levels.

Experts recommend the use of dietary supplements during intensive physical exercises, quick weight reduction. Especially popular are the following types: vitamins, fish oils, amino acid complex, Protein powder.

Diet slimming 10 kg in a month

On the Internet there are many diets that promise a good result for the short period of time. In the reviews you will find Testimonials from satisfied women: "I managed is 5 kg per week, accused", "I lost in a month is the figure of dreams", "I lost 10 kg in a short period of time". Impressed by such views, the people are ready, treat yourself to all of the strict restrictions in your diet. However, experts call to be careful, to use only proven ways, methods and not abandon the observation of the specialist.

Fast 10 kg can you lose weight with certain diets.

Distinguish three main types:

  1. Strict, calorie intake on the altitude of 800-1000 kcal. Do not hold the device recommended a longer period of time. In General, Mono-diets of wheat, such as Kefir, cucumber, book.
  2. Detoxifying, promotes substances, the excretion of waste products, toxins. Such a diet means a complete rejection of greasy, sharp, salty, smoked food. In the diet could include fruits, rich in fiber, cereals and muesli.
  3. A well-balanced. You will produce it will not give quick results, is 10 kg per month, accused of not succeed, but a balanced diet does not bring harm to the body, on the contrary, improved the work of all the systems of the internal organs, improving mood.

Each of the diets for a month has its benefits the use of the use, cons. But in General they are similar to each other:

Advantages of using the use diet for a month Disadvantages diet for a month
  • the education of new healthy habits;
  • the change of the life style, the recovery of the body;
  • quick get rid of extra pounds;
  • a variety of diets, you can activate your favorite products;
  • first a good result.
  • an unbalanced diet can be used to chard in nutrients, vitamins, minerals;
  • if the fast reduction of the weight of the body is stressed, it shows in the Form of weakness, apathy, dizziness;
  • Difficulties with habituation, adaptation.

In the selection should be based on the individual characteristics of the organism. You need to regularly pass exams, the existing deficits to identify nutrients, fill your. Note that each diet is only a temporary effect. To remove the can, by proper diet, change of eating habits, habits. Only such an approach — the only true.

Monitoring of the progress of losing weight

Keep track of the results must also be correct. Not always true, can be numbers on the scale is true. This is particularly true for women, whose weight varies within the menstrual cycle.

Monitoring of the progress of losing weight

The right Monitoring Software includes the following principles:

  1. Must be weighed on the same day, about the same time. Perfect — in the morning, after using the toilet.
  2. Better not be weighed daily, just in the first month, if the weight reduction is particularly fast. Weight can fluctuate due to excess fluid, any. Optimal — one-two time in the week.
  3. To rate not only the weight, but the amount of muscle mass, fat percentage. You can do this the Smart-watch, calculator on the Internet. But better — to go a comprehensive examination in the clinic for weight reduction.
  4. To guide Monitoring, a diary, a record of each measurement.
  5. To keep track of the easiest way to progress clothes. The usual things will one day be larger to begin hanging.
  6. Another variant is to regularly take photos, to collages.

At regular intervals, the weight "stop" on a certain level. It is a completely normal phenomenon. For the transition of this boundary is necessary day of fasting, or, on the contrary, everything to afford what you want. The main thing is, that the body moved, went away from the traditional way.

Output from the diet

5kg, 7kg or 10kg accused is possible, but the main thing is that the weight again after completion of the diet. The correct output — the pledge of the preservation of the result. He should step way. Can help to the following rules:

  • gradually, from the list of prohibited products, small portions;
  • gradually increasing the calorie intake to 200-300 kcal way, a week;
  • Optional visit to the training of low intensity, which does not overload the body;
  • sure the required standard for water to drink;
  • vitamin complex, minerals.

The output of the food should be smooth, last for two to three weeks. Only then the body is able to adapt, to change to a new diet.

When you drop a job for a short period of 5.7, 10 kg, then after the end of the diet you need that weight back to me. But not to reduce the ultimate goal is not only weight, but also to save. And this is only possible if the continuation of the right diet, the observance of the corrections of eating behavior. This technique is used in specialized clinics for weight loss.

What nutrition habits help to lose weight?

The question of how to reset 5 kilos per week as you make a 7 pounds per month many. But not necessarily diets, intense workouts is exhausted. Enough some diet change habits:

  1. Sleep at least 7 hours per day. Lack of sleep interferes with the production of the hormone Hunger (Ghrelin), and then the Signal on the saturation in the brain comes with a delay. After investigations, it was found that people with chronic nedosypayuschie, consume more calories than necessary to 40 per cent.
  2. An hour after work should be about holidays.
  3. Will learn to call emotions by their proper names. Feelings must be, and not chewed life.
  4. You are drinking enough water. Pure water breakdown products of fat, spend helps the work of the intestine improved.
  5. Do not make the cult of food. Fun it is not only in the dishes in the kitchen, but anywhere in the world to visit theatre, exhibitions, a favorite pastime, which will help to work with an evening appetite.
  6. Must love and respect yourself and your body.
  7. Entered a System of incentives, gifts for any reduced 3kg, this motivated for further weight reduction needs to be.
  8. Sports. This can be a few simple exercises every day. Sometimes even walking within an hour is enough to look good and to increase your well-being.
  9. You are going to buy beautiful clothes. Avoid clothes designed to hide the figure. This does not mean that you can dress all body the middle, not the Extreme. But the clothes must like it.
  10. You should not abuse alcohol.
  11. You only eat the delicious food of good quality. It is not a myth, that all of the useful, delicious. There are many recipes for the preparation of tasty and healthy dishes.
  12. You share the products according to colors. Red of products with excessive food. In the house, the festive food may not be. Yellow products are light Desserts, fruit, and milk. These products can is. And the main part is on Green products, lean meat.
  13. There are 4-6 times during the day — often and small portions.
  14. The registration of the Dessert home to eat à la carte. A cake or a whole pie — the difference is enormous.
  15. Dessert has to end the recording. This allows you to enjoy the taste, but eat less.
  16. Should not categorically deny in any products. The more the say "impossible", the more want to appear restrictive appetite. You can eat a small piece, very little of what is highly desirable.
  17. Chew, "enjoy" each piece to feel, the faster saturation will be.
  18. Do not eat in front of the TV or the Computer Monitor. Such food is not for the future.
  19. Still a good habit for weight loss, the refusal of food is a waste (ready meals, fast Food, Chips, crackers, nuts, etc.).
  20. To regularly have Sex. It is known that Sex — the best cure for all problems. And losing weight is no exception.

Data-Food-should rules even after losing weight. This keeps the weight according to the output, to improve the body, strengthen the immune system.

Exercises for losing weight

Exercises for losing weight

Exercises help in weight loss, but without proper nutrition you will not achieve to bring good results.A desire is not enough, you need to try to make the Training a part of life. There are General rules, compliance with which will be able to make the body more Fit:

  1. You train at least three times per week.
  2. The exercises need to be lengthy. Studies have proven that losing Aerobic exercise longer than 40 minutes-the best method of weight.
  3. Aerobic stress together with endurance. Production of each of the Training must be of the clamping rod.
  4. During the exercise, you will observe the pulse, he should not value more than maximum allowable.
  5. The Training has to be functional, focused on all groups of muscles.
  6. The load increase gradually.

Physical activity is recommended, to complement the right diet Regime. About all the nuances of a specialist in weight reduction, personnel Fitness Trainer can tell. But note that this method of weight loss is suitable for all. In most a cases, this requires a complex procedure, which is offered in the principles of a balanced diet and psychotherapy in the clinics of weight reduction.

Reviews for the liberation of obesity

Guest reviews to lose weight can attest to the fact that reduce the weight by 5-10 lbs per month is quite realistic. But the main thing — do it properly, without harm to the body, Wellness. The statistics of the reviews shows that people to lose weight by specialists of the clinic for weight reduction, to achieve the best results. The process of weight reduction happens faster, the quality of the body improves: increases muscle mass, reduces the percentage of body fat.