Effective exercises to remove belly and flanks

exercises to remove belly and flanks

There are several zones, the most difficult correction is the most accessible with the help of exercise. To belly and flanks belong to. But for women some exercises developed to lose weight just belly and flanks, which can help gain unwanted amounts of at home. It is important to train systematically, and certain rules to follow.

Principles of exercise to remove belly and flanks

It is important to understand that for different people the exercises and number of repetitions vary. For those who has overweight, primarily endurance training is important to get rid of an impressive layer of fat. In the first Phase, not skinny should be on strength exercises and swing muscles.

The first levels are good:

  • Hiking at a brisk pace.
  • Swimming.
  • Jump rope, if no contraindications (obesity, problems with the spine).
  • At the same time with heart, as soon as the mass of the body was close to the standard, it is allowed strength exercises, the workout of the abdominal muscles and the back.

The desired result — weight loss Plus strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and flanks, you should exercises combine Cardio and strength. This is one of the basic principles of the training.

The second Highlight is regular employment. The result to achieve, it is important to train hard and not to expect impressive results after a few weeks of classes. For each organism its time. If you eat to expect the flanks and the belly over the years, foolishly, that after a month of Training, the waist is slim. Belly and flanks almost all of them are the most difficult areas to lose the weight last. It is necessary to understand and not give up, and go persistently to your goal.

Another point is the proper diet is. Experienced dietitians and Fitness trainers say that nutrition is of the utmost importance in the endeavor to lose weight. But the elasticity and firming is achieved, the muscles is only physically demanding. So for women it is important to combine the principles of correct and healthy diet and physical activity, including exercises to remove belly and flanks at home or in the gym.

To sum it up. For the fast and permanent results with weight loss belly and flanks of women is important:

  • Combine Cardio and strength exercises.
  • Train systematically and continuously.
  • To eat right.
  • Lead an active lifestyle.
  • Guests can exercise in Mid-Tempo, without weighing it down.
  • Engage, at least 3-5 times per week.
Only at observance of all rules together faster a positive result.

Start training, warm-up

Should be home like in the gym or in group classes-exercise, start with Cardio and warm up. To run home on the spot, fast walking or jumping rope, you prepare for the Training. This brings 10-15 minutes.

Then you have the mash joints:

  1. Shoulder joints crumble Rotation of the shoulders forward and back.
  2. More, make them tilts to the side. The warming exercise aims not only to warm up the muscles, but also to strengthen it. Because the abdominal oblique muscles, and broadest muscles of the back are involved, and forms a thin waist and the feminine curve of the back.
  3. Routes turn the king's meadow and ankle.
  4. After the warm-up, which is necessary for the Training at home special exercises for slimming and toning the abdomen and flanks for women start.

A series of exercises with its own weight

Very effective in the fight against excess amounts of the abdomen and flanks of a plurality of slats. The classic version of the armbands:

  1. Starting position: on the floor, leaning on the elbow on the socks and feet, feet apart shoulder width, to connect the brush in front of you, relax your neck.
  2. The time spent in this Position should be at least 30-60 seconds. Perform the measurement via 3 sets of latte daily.
  3. Side parts at the lateral abdominal muscles and back: Starting position: lie on the left side, climbs on the left arm bent at the elbow, lift the right Hand behind the head and push.
  4. The duration of the duty of retention strap 30 to 60 seconds. The same continued and in the other direction.
Ironing with lifting hands and feet:
  1. Starting position as in classical handle, only to build you need to at the joints of the elbow and the hand.
  2. Lift of alternately the left arm and the right leg, then the right arm and the left leg. After 20 liftings of 3 approach.
Drop-Down Menu Strap:
  1. Starting position as in the previous plank.
  2. You raise your right Hand opened, as if to top revealed.
  3. The legs do not vary provisions, to the extent that degrade easily, the feet would.
  4. Repeat the exercise 20 times, 3 sets.

Another effective exercise that aims to preserve the shape of the abdomen, hips and other areas is the pushup. :

It, like the classic strap in need of rest. Hands shoulder width apart, legs in the same Position. Further on you bend to drop the elbow and, if possible, below the chest on the floor. Then return to the starting position. In the ideal case, PUSH-UPS have to perform from the ground. But for beginners, is quite suitable, PUSH-UPS against a wall, table or chair, couch, any surface and height, with which you can start. Then you go deeper and deeper, and then to the ground.

Exercises on the lifting of the legs to the reduction of the sizes of the abdomen and flanks:
  1. You lay down on the floor, on your back with hands behind the head or on the sides.
  2. Lift to lower straight legs to the top and slowly.
  1. The starting position as in the previous exercise.
  2. Lift straight legs at a distance of 45 degrees from the ground, apart thin the legs and pull you.
  3. You lay on your back, bend the king's meadow, supporting yourself with your feet apart shoulder width.
  4. Lift the ass up and down.
Each of these exercises lead you to a reasonable pace in 3 passes. In each and every approach on for 15-20 repetitions.

Vacuum Belly

Very efficient and effective exercise to remove belly and flanks, for women, can easy to make at home without any additional tools, vacuum is considered to be the belly. It is borrowed from the Eastern practices, gives a quick and good result. The exercise is on the development of the internal muscles of the abdomen, the non-exercise of any other exercise you can. Tighten the abdomen and keep it flat.

Basic rules for the implementation of the vacuum belly:

You do the exercise daily, 1-3 times per day. In the case of the first embodiment of the vacuum — in the morning on an empty stomach after going to the toilet. You can go this exercise after the Training and before sleep.

The belly make as follows:
  1. Take the initial position.
  2. You slowly exhale.
  3. You breathe from the nose.
  4. You breathe in again, slowly, completely, the lungs are freed from the air.
  5. Do not hold the inhale breath.
  6. Tighten your abdomen a maximum of.
  7. Try pulling the abdomen completely from the bottom up to the chest.
  8. Hold for a few seconds. First of all, it will take 3-5 seconds.
  9. Let the belly breathe.
  10. Take a break of 30-40 seconds and repeat.
  11. You Need To 3-5 Approaches.

The starting position for this exercise can be different:

Lying on your back, hands along the body or just below the hip joint on the legs. Sit, and let the legs down or in the Lotus position. Stand straight, palm of the hand placed on the legs at the base of the hip joint. Standing, bend to the king's meadow a little leaning, and the palms of the hands on the thighs. The back, you should hold in every Position.

Hula Hoop for slimming waist

Hula-Hoop — an easy-to-access sports equipment. Simple exercises help you to lose weight and gain slim belly and waist women.

Rotate the tires at the waist each. It is quite simple. Important you turn him in both directions, the result is even. First to the right, then the same time to the left, or Vice versa.

The weight of the tyre has the value:

For beginners, the not the before, not Sport Fit hula-Hoop with a weight of approximately 1 kg. For those of you driving sooner athletic active sports at least, irregularly, from time to time better Zürn 1.3-1.5 kg select. for Those who leads an active life-style concerned with movement, Fitness regular Fit hula Hoop give 2.3 kg of Regular Training with the tires right quick results.

Exercises with dumbbells, or with any weighting

To used as a weight in the home:

small dumbbells; plastic bottles with water; even the packs of salt or sugar to 1 kg. This is what you will find at home a suitable weight, what you take in Hand. Do not take too heavy a barbell, the weight must be minimal.

The exercises are the following:

The slopes of the housing to the right and to the left.

  • To do this, you need to address the position of the feet shoulder-width apart, hands with dumbbells on the sides omitted.
  • Next, bend alternately to the right, ready to March, then to the left, straightened up.
  • Hands at the sides are omitted and do not change their Position.
For the next exercise you need a bench or the edge of the sofa.
  • You support yourself with the left of the king's meadow and the left Hand on the bench, or the edge of the sofa.
  • The right Hand with the dumbbell, and folded straight down down on the level of the shoulder.
  • You raise your right Hand, bending it at the elbow.
  • Do the same with the other side, leaning on the right Hand and king's meadow and lift the left arm with the dumbbell.
  • Take the dumbbells in hands, bend the elbows and close the dumbbells in front of your chest.
  • Spread your legs, buttocks and stomach pulled in.
  • Turn the torso slowly to the left and right alternately.

These exercises are good for the oblique abdominal muscles and the back muscles are trained. They contribute to the fact that the edges are more firm, are the wrinkles. Perform the exercises at a reasonable pace. Select make the weight of the dumbbell or each weighting means, not to build his.

You implement each, 3 sets for each exercise. In the approach, you run 15 to 20 times.

What should not if you remove the belly and flanks

To lose weight in the abdomen and flanks should not do:
  • All the twisting. Give you accretion muscle mass and volume in the waist and abdomen.
  • Use a large weight for the exercises with dumbbells or weights. The great weight of the projectiles will help the muscle building, the visual, the volume of the waist, belly and flanks increase.
  • By neglecting any physical strain. Each activity in the course of the day, will help to achieve this goal.
  • Lead a sedentary or sedentary way of life. Abusing Carbohydrates, Pastries. Alone, the Training does not bring the desired result, if you eat incorrectly.
If you meet all of the recommendations and prohibitions, the impact of teaching of problem zones not to wait long. But for lasting results, don't you break up the Training as soon as you notice the decline of education and of beautiful female curves, make you more so and let the classes be the style of your life.

After the Training

After physical training, and the elaboration of the problem areas you can see the effect of the Massage or even some of the manipulations amplify:

  • Massage the belly and flanks of the roller.
  • Wraps 20 minutes belly area of clear film with clay or aromatic oils.
  • Vacuum Massage the abdomen and flanks of the banks.
  • Method Massage "brushed dry".
  • Performed RUB and cuddles for dry dry skin brush with natural bristles.
This is what help in the home with women the best results when losing weight, belly and flanks after the implementation of the special exercises.