8 IDEAS: How to lose 5 kg in a day - How to lose weight quickly and what to do when the weight stops

effective ways to lose weight quickly

At the beginning I would like to warn you - rapid weight loss is associated with a heavy burden on health. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor, especially if you have an illness.

In addition, rapid weight loss is mainly associated with loss of water. This means that most of the weight will return the next day. Fat and excess weight can only be removed by a surgeon in one day by liposuction.

Then why lose weight quickly at all?

1 - Believe it is possible.

Many people lose weight unchanged for years. If you can lose weight quickly, you may be motivated to continue losing weight.

2 - When losing weight there are situations where the weight is worth no matter what you do.

And in order to continue losing weight, the body has to be subjected to certain strains.

3 - A situation.

Many athletes dry themselves before the competition to weigh less or to look more prominent. Maybe you have to look a little thinner tomorrow. So here's what to do.

Prepare your body and mind for this day

When you go to bed, make a complete plan of what you will do tomorrow. Give the body a mental instruction to lose 5 kg tomorrow. Say it out loud. Tell me what you will do. Prepare yourself and your body for it. Then it will be less painful for you and with a better effect.

Dry fasting or just water

The first thing you have to do that day is to refuse any food. And preferably from water. The less you eat today, the less you will weigh tomorrow. If you're hungry, go for an hour's walk. So you start the body's nutritional mechanism from its own fat.


Give an enema after the first chair. Contact a doctor or an experienced person again. It will cleanse your colon and help you lose weight.

running or some other even load

People lose approximately 1 kg of weight per 10 km of running. If you don't want to run, get on your bike and pedal for at least an hour so your heart rate is always between 120 and 130 beats. Do this in a warm room. Wipe the sweat off with a towel to drain more water. Best in the morning.

Massage + bath

In the afternoon you go to the bathhouse. And do a massage. Do not turn on the maximum temperature. You can sweat at 100 degrees. If there is no bathroom, you can warm up in the bathroom. And then wrap yourself in a blanket and keep sweating. Better end with a contrast shower. This will further initiate body cleansing.

Turn on the lymphatic system

Tighten your whole body for 15 seconds, then stop for 15 seconds. And on a new one. Do this for at least half an hour. This starts the lymphatic system, which is responsible for cleaning the body.


Each person has their own contraindications. Therefore, contact a specialist who is suitable for you.


You are dehydrating the body. So the main thing here is not to overdo it. It is important to seek expert advice and not to force yourself.

Do not track the result for the first time. It is better to lose 3 kg and understand your limit. How to lose 7 weight and then get away from it for a month.