"Favorite" diet: menu for 7 days, reviews and photo results before and after

It won't surprise anyone that most women go on a diet. There are many diet options out there today, but they are not suitable for everyone. The presented "Favorite" diet is ideal because it is obtained from different diets: protein, fruit and drink. The uniqueness of this diet lies in the fact that you can lose up to eight kilograms in just 7 days.

Diet favorite

Seven-day diet menu

  • First day of drinking

    Everyone can drink, but exclude carbonated juices and water. On this day, give preference to various broths, low-fat kefir, yogurt, compotes, mineral water and cocktails made from fruits and vegetables.

    Example menu:

    Breakfast: 200-250 gr. low-fat kefir and a cup of tea without sugar;

    Lunch: 220-300 g chicken soup;

    Afternoon snack: drink 150 g of yoghurt;

    Dinner: 200-350 grams of milk.

    Unsweetened tea is allowed in between.

  • Second day - vegetables

    Only eat salads on this day, preferably with added cabbage. It should be noted that vegetable salads should be seasoned with balsamic vinegar or vegetable oil. Mayonnaise and sour cream as a dressing will ruin all your efforts.

    Example menu:

    Breakfast: salad made from two tomatoes and a cucumber, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil;

    Lunch: salad made from two cucumbers, fresh cabbage and vegetables, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil;

    Snack: a couple of cucumbers;

    Dinner: A salad made from peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and herbs, seasoned with a little balsamic vinegar.

  • Third day - drinking

    The meals of the day are similar to those of the first.


    Breakfast: 250 gr. a milkshake and a small cup of tea;

    Lunch: 220 grams of chicken stock is recommended without salt;

    Snack: 250 gr. low-fat kefir;

    Dinner: 200-300 grams of milk.

    Unsweetened tea is allowed in between.

  • Fourth day - fruity

    Only eat fruit all day. However, it is advisable to exclude high-calorie fruits (grapes and bananas) from the diet. Apples, in turn, should be eaten baked. Try to choose fruits that will not stimulate your appetite.


    Breakfast: grapefruit and a few oranges;

    Lunch: various fruits from oranges, apples and kiwi;

    afternoon snack: pear and apple;

    Dinner: 1 - 2 grapefruits.

  • Fifth day - protein

    Eat only eggs, chicken, seafood, fish, low-fat kefir, beans, and soy that day.


    Breakfast: 2-3 eggs and 200-250 gr. boiled fish;

    Lunch: 120 gr. boiled peas and 150 - 200 gr. chicken;

    afternoon snack: 150 g. cottage cheese;

    Dinner: 100-150 gr. cheese.

  • Sixth day - drinking

    The allocation of the first and third day is repeated.


    Breakfast: 200 gr. low-fat kefir and a cup of tea without sugar;

    Lunch: 220 - 300 gr. Chicken broth is recommended without salt;

    Snack: 200 - 250 gr. milkshake;

    Dinner: 200-250 grams of milk.

    Unsweetened tea is allowed in between.

  • Seventh day - ending the diet

    On the last day of the diet, it is better to use the fruits and vegetables used in the diet as the basis of the diet. You can also add some of your usual dishes (porridge or soup).


    Breakfast: two eggs and a cup of unsweetened green tea;

    Lunch: 300 gr. soup with buckwheat or rice;

    afternoon snack: any fruit of your choice;

    Dinner: vegetable salad, seasoned with a little vegetable oil.

Contraindications and side effects

Of course, the "favorite" diet will be a kind of test for the body. For people with chronic diseases, it is better not to take any chances and choose a gentler diet so as not to further harm their health. In addition, people suffering from colitis, gastritis, liver, kidney and heart diseases should flatly reject such a "fight" with obesity.

It is ideal to consult your doctor before attempting such a diet. This way you will avoid unpleasant consequences.

Favorite diet resultsDuring the 7-day diet, you not only lose extra pounds, but also perfectly cleanse the body of toxins. It is also important that at the end of the "fast" the volume of your stomach is reduced. Therefore, in the future, a small amount of food will be enough to satisfy your hunger.

"Favorite" diet can only be repeated after three months. Uninterrupted dieting is not allowed. If you want to extend this diet, follow the seventh day diet for a few more days. Numerous reviews from people who have tried such a diet on themselves indicate that it is very effective. However, to consolidate this result, you should slightly limit the calorie intake of your usual diet for the next month.